A Meeting of Creative Minds

Stephanie Jacob Gordon and Judith Ross Enderle met in a writing class at UCLA. Both saw their first published words in the pages of “Highlights for Children” magazine. Since then, they’ve co-authored numerous books for young people, including the short chapter books What’s the Matter, Kelly Beans? and School Stinks!, the Children’s Choice books Two Badd Babies and Six Snowy Sheep, as well as Something’s Happening on Calabash Street. Their stories have appeared on “The Kids’ Reading Room” page of The Los Angeles Times, in "Spider,” “LadyBug,” and other publications for young readers.

On the bookshelf and in children’s magazines, you’ll find their work under their individual names and under the pseudonyms, Jeffie Ross Gordon and J.R. Gordon.

“Language is fun. Our favorite stories are those that make young people laugh,” say Stephanie and Judy. “It’s very exciting to do a job you love and know that children everywhere love you for doing it.” And judging by their reviews and endorsements, appearance requests, and fan mail, children, teachers, librarians, and other children’s literary advocates they have met personally and through their writing, do love their work.

When they aren’t writing, they can be found sharing their stories in bookstores and in schools, lecturing at conferences, workshops, and retreats to adults who want to learn to write, or critiquing manuscripts for other children’s writers through their editing business, Writers Ink.

Stephanie and Judy are active in many areas of children’s writing. Both are board members emeritus of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Between them they have six grown children, several grandchildren, a lot of fun, and a lot of wacky words yet to be written!

You can find out more about this writing duo in “Something About the Author” Volume 26, published by Gale Research.

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