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Judith Ross Enderle & Stephanie Jacob Gordon

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Two heads are better than one!

On the bookshelf and in children’s magazines, you’ll find Judy and Stephanie's work under their individual names and under the pseudonyms, Jeffie Ross Gordon and J.R. Gordon.


Editorial Services

Are you writing a picture book, children's magazine story, middle grade novel, a short chapter book, easy-to-read story, or YA novel?

Do you feel surrounded by your own words, tangled in your own plots, and need an outside eye to give that once over before final polishing?

Have you finished your manuscript but need feedback and editing?



Our Books


Two Badd Babies

Look out! Here come the two Badd babies on a whirlwind tour of the town--stopping for pastry, taking in a movie, and picking up cheeseburgers and drinking strawberry malts. Jeffie Ross Gordon and Chris L. Demarest have come together to create a hilarious picture book about two of the most adorable and hard-traveling toddlers you'll ever meet. Published by Boyds Mills Press.

Will Third Grade Ever End? (original title: School Stinks!)

Flora is a new student at Poplar Elementary, and the girls in her class aren't making her feel welcome. She's also the only girl on Tower Road, aside from her annoying little sister. And worst of all, Flora is the only member of her Freckle Club. Blech! Will Flora ever make any new friends? Who will move into the new house at the end of Tower Road? Will Flora find members for her club? Will school stink forever? Published by Scholastic Books.

What’s the Matter, Kelly Beans?

Until her sister's birthday party, eight-year-old Kelly, who loves to read and write, feels that everyone in her family, except her, can do something wonderful. Published by Candlewick.